Day: February 28, 2015

Margo’s Healing Pork & Ginger Soup

Margo’s is a friend, food warrior, nutritionist, activists, blogger, facebooker and one of the nicest people you will ever meet!  This is her recipe.  I think it is just fantastic and necessary to share with everyone! You will need; Pork Neck Bones (to Make Stock) 1 Small Apple – finely chopped 1″ piece of raw […]

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Buckeye Pork Steaks Ingridients

Honey Roasted Apple & Onion Buckeye Pork Steaks

*Adapted from Grass-fed Gourmet by Shannon Hayes 1 Tsp. Salt 1 Tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper 2 Tsp. Ground Sage 1 Tsp. Olive Oil 4 Buckeye Pork Steaks 1/3 Cup of Apple Juice 1 Tart Apple – Cut into think slices – not peeled 1 Small Onion – Sliced into rings 1/4 Cup Raisons 2 […]

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Meat Muffins

Meatloaf Muffins – by Samantha Gladish

Ingredients: 2 Organic Eggs 1 can organic tomato paste 1/2 Tsp dried rosemary, Thyme & Sea Salt 1/2 Tsp Hot Sauce (your favourite) 2lbs Dragonfly Farm Store Gound Beef 1 Cup Wheat Free rolled Oats 1 Large Onion, finely chopped Topping 2 Tbsp coconut sugar or sucantat 1/4 Cup organic ketchup 1 tbsp. organic Dijon […]

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Rendering Pig Fat into Lard

Easy Lard Recipe For busy people who multitask! The best fat from the pigs comes from around the kidney area and it is call leaf fat.  Use  only the fat from pastured and organic pigs.  Or, at least make sure the animals was not raised with medicated feed(antibiotics), hormones or GMO feed.  All these things accumulate in […]

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Pork Burger

Mu Shu Pork Burgers – Shared by Iveta May

Makes: Makes 4 large burgers Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Drink: A light ale or good lager, a dryish Riesling, or a pink wine. Serve with: A great side dish is chilled soba noodles with cucumbers, dill, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Ingredients for the burger 1 pound ground pork 1/2 cup unseasoned bread crumbs or quick […]

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Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry – Shared By Cheryl Ladrillo

Ingredients: 2 lbs cubed lamb (about 4 cups 1 inch cubes) Spice Mixture- (flexible mix, add more or less of whichever flavors you like best eg. if you like it less spicy or more spicy, adjust the amount of cayenne) 6 tsp ground coriander 3 tsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp cayenne 1/2 tsp black pepper […]

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Rouladen or Pinwheel Beef

Growing up we ate this on occasion, it was one of my favourites! It uses Minute Steak, a thin cut, manually tenderized steak from the inside Round. So, anyone can cook a tenderloin and it will turn out tender, but learn how to cook a Minute Steak or any other cut from the Round, or a […]

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Thai Basil Meatloaf – Shared by Stephanie Hart

Ingredients  2 eggs  2 tbsp fish sauce  2 tbsp lime juice  2 tbsp Thai red curry paste  1 cup bread crumbs  1/2 cup chopped Fresh Basil  3 sliced green onions  2 minced garlic cloves  1Lb lean ground beef  1Lb lean ground pork  pepper  sweet chili garlic sauce Preheat oven to 400F. Whisk eggs with fish […]

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Leftover Roast Beef Salad Spread – Shared by Wendi Briggs

A yummy Lunch Spread – original recipe adapted from Katie B. of An easy-to-make sandwich spread using leftover roast beef. Try it on a nice multi-grain bread with lettuce, tomato and thinly sliced red onion for a delicious lunch. Serves about: 3 cups Ingredients • 1 lb. cooked roast beef, cubed • ½ medium […]

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Osso-Bucco Recipe

Osso Buco in Bianco, with Risotto Milanese & Gremolata

The “original” Osso Buco Recipe was made with White Wine and lamb or Veal Shank.  I prefer beef shank.  Many people make it with tomato’s but originally, it was made with just white wine.  I like both, but I find the white wine version has a more delicate and warm flavour. For the Osso Buco 3 tablespoons flour (I […]

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