What is a CSA?

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is an alternative model of agriculture and food distribution focused on locally grown, respectfully raised food. When you sign up for our CSA, you have pledged to support our farms, or subscribed to receive a monthly food package as outlined in the CSA Price Lists containing the food we produce, as documented on our Website.

The CSA Membership is a partnership between you, our respected local membership community, and Cindy Boyd and the Partnership farmers of Farm Queen Foods. The CSA Program promotes mutual benefits; as farmers we can better plan production and inventories, and you receive a constant supply of respectfully and well raised meats delivered each month from MAY to DECEMBER.

As alternative farmers, we focus on connecting people to the land, to how food is grown while respecting our shared environment. We farm purposefully outside of the Quota System or Supply Chain Management Models, which require animal confinement, medications, and to us, unsavory farming practices.

Your membership to our CSA, gives you control to determine how your food is farmed. Our farm practices are transparent, you can see for yourself How We Farm.  Ask any questions to better understand our farming practices or come and see me at the farm, no appointment necessary!

We are passionate about allowing animals to use their instincts and live as nature intended them to live. We respect their needs to be outside, on pasture, eating grasses, bugs and flowers! We are passionate about offering organic or organically grown feed to our animals (except our 100% Grass-fed beef, lamb, elk, goat and bison), we know you are too.

Thank you for sharing these beliefs with us!  We can’t do this without you!

We have 2 CSA’s, the FARM SHARE & the FALL FAMILY CSA

The FARM SHARE CSA is the most popular, all meat CSA package we offer. It is a variety of all the meat we produce packaged into a 30, 40 or 50 pound Samplers delivered to your HOME each month from MAY to DECEMBER.   If you want to try it for a month, contact me and I will provide you with our delivery schedule for your area.

The Farm Share CSA can be picked up at our farm all year long too.  Drop in and ask to give it a try, and we will pack your CSA from the 130 different cuts we keep in stock.

Looking for a large freezer order to get you and your family through the winter?  We have a FALL FAMILY CSA offering 100, 150 or 200lbs of a variety of the meat we produce delivered in one large package in the fall.  200lbs would feed a family of 4 for 100 meals!  Now that is some serious meal planning! Be sure you have freezer space!  Price includes delivery to your HOME but pick-up at the farm is also available.

For more information about our CSA’s, the variety of cuts offered, pricing and the delivery, please email Cindy at info@farmqueenfoods.ca and I will send you our Price Lists and Order Forms.

I look forward to hearing from you.