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Other days and time by chance or appointment

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We sell clean meat!

* All ingredients are free of GMO’s

* No Filler or Wheat or Gluten added to hamburger patties, sausage, ground beef or pork or any cuts we offer.

* All meats are raised on feed that is free of Pesticide and Herbicide, grown organically by the farmer or purchased certified organic grains.

* All Beef, Lamb and Bison is 100% GRASS-Fed, no grains just fresh pasture and hay.

* All smoked meats do not have Sodium Nitrate added.

*All Smoked Meat is actually smoked; choose from bacon, ham, smoked pork chops, ham steaks, meat stix and summer sausage.

* No artificial colours or flavours are added.

* All animals are raised without the use of parasite medications, hormones or antibiotics.

* Over 100 cuts of meat to choose from, including:

* Quarter, half and whole animals also available.

* Pre order and we will pack your order for you, or stop in to choose from the freezers.

*Farm fresh eggs & local preserves and goods too.