Dragonfly Tattoo

Well, item # 87 has been safely crossed off my Life’s To Do List. I have a Dragonfly tattoo. It felt good to make progress on my Life List, or Bucket List, one less thing I need to do before I die.

Here it is.

A one of a kind, designed just for me, dragonfly tattoo.  It sits on my thigh, forever as a promise to my husband, this farm and myself.  Now since this is a website about our farm, I’ll tell you the part about the farm promise, but the promise to my husband and myself, well, that I’ll keep to myself.

The Dragonfly is a symbol we choose for our Farm because we felt in order to be a successful new farm business in today’s agricultural climate, we needed to be agile, determined and unique, much like a Dragonfly.

“Dragonflies are skilled flyers, and no other insect or bird has the same maneuverability. They take risks and adapt to almost any environment.  Dragonflies are always on the go and they spend much of their life in transition to become something beautiful, graceful and free.  Proving that with skill, determination and the ability to adapt, you are free to gracefully fly.” – Cindy Wilhelm (is it narcissistic to quotes one’s self?)

This tattoo is a reminder of why we started farming and the reasons it was so important to us. I never want to lose that original feeling of excitement, mixed with sheer terror when we took that first step and bought a Farm.   And I never want to forget the feeling of opportunity I felt six years ago and still feel today about where this farm business can lead us.  The options are endless; we are at the mercy of fate to see just what parts of our farm will develop the fastest.

I never want to feel like we are stagnate or that we did not appreciate the value in these opportunities.  So this tattoo is also a reminder to be thankful for the opportunities, the possibilities and the future of our farm.

I want to live with purpose each day on this farm so 20 years when I look back on our farming experiences, I know I made an impact.  That I changed a little corner of the world and made it a better place.  That with each step I take living my dreams and goals as a farmer, my work stands as an example to other people to drop out of the rat race and into a duck or pig race, and become a farmer.

In total my List is compiled of 116 things that I check off as they arrive, in the order they should arrive in and at just the perfect time!  Completing the list before I conk out will sure to be an exciting and eventful experience. Sometimes, I even add things on to the list.

Right now, it just feels great knowing that # 87 is done, even though it did NOT feel great getting it!  It hurt like no other hurt I have experienced before in my whole life!  But, I am proud to wear it!

Take Care,