It’s About the Mud!


Mud, soil, earth or whatever you want to call it has a reputation to be, dirty!

But we live in it.

Our 10-year journey as farmers has given us a love of the land and the mud we steward.  There is not a day each season that we don’t love, watch, test, taste, feel or get covered in it.

We even make more if it through composting. It is the ONE component of our farm that matters the most to our animals and the success of our alternative farm. Without healthy soil, the pasture, hay and grains we grow organically would not be possible.  And without that, the animals we raise would not be happy and healthy.

So, of course, we don’t kill it with pesticide, herbicide, fungicide or synthetic NPK each year like the conventional farm system.  We use cover crops, green manure, composted animal manure, shallow tilling methods, crop rotation and feed the soil in a way that helps the soil food web and encourages the carbon cycle to produce more dirt.

The soil supports the amazing pasture fields where the pigs grow, the cattle graze and have their calves, the chickens, turkeys and ducks free range, eat bugs and grass and scratch in the dirt.  Ranging and rotating this combination of animals around our farm provides a symbiotic beneficial relationship, naturally lowering parasite burden and supporting their immune systems; making a healthier farm environment.

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people. It all starts and ends with the mud!

Check out our mud anytime, Farm Tours are free!