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Bone Broth

Beef Marrow Bones or Chicken Bones from Certified Organic Chicken makes the nicest broth! Many people have asked for it and we are happy to have partnered with a great local company to offer it to you.  Made in small batches by Becky! $5.00 for a 500mls – Frozen We can ship it along with […]

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It’s About the Mud!

Mud, soil, earth or whatever you want to call it has a reputation to be, dirty! But we live in it. Our 10-year journey as farmers has given us a love of the land and the mud we steward.  There is not a day each season that we don’t love, watch, test, taste, feel or […]

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GRASS FED – What does it REALLY mean?

GRASS FED Do we all know what that means? Do you know HOW grass-fed BEEF, LAMB & BISON are raised? There is a lot of confusion out there.  Do you know what you are getting when you buy Grass Fed Meats? Additional terms are used to make you think you are buying grass fed meats.  […]

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Mental Manure

The only thing a farm produces with 100% efficiency is manure. You can rely on it, every day! Each cow, steer or heifer defecates 8 to 12 times per day. One pig produces the same amount of waste as three people, each and every day.  Farms produce a lot of manure! Manure is the most important […]

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On the Road Again!

June brings the start of our meat CSA. From June to December, we deliver our grass-fed, organically raised meat to many locations in southwestern Ontario. Mike and I are the only full time farm laborers for our entire operation, so it will be one, or both of us that you meet when you receive your […]

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Dragonfly Tattoo

Well, item # 87 has been safely crossed off my Life’s To Do List. I have a Dragonfly tattoo. It felt good to make progress on my Life List, or Bucket List, one less thing I need to do before I die. Here it is. A one of a kind, designed just for me, dragonfly tattoo.  It […]

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