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Once a dream, my passion for Farming and quality nutrient dense food has grown into a successful, sustainable, ecological, humane and organic farm with lots of like minded partner farms.  Working together, we raise a variety of animals (beef cattle, heritage pigs, chickens, ducks, turkey, lamb, donkeys) vegetables and fruits, and sell a huge variety of meat. Our website is the BEST PLACE TO BUY MEAT ON-LINE IN ONTARIO!

Excellent quality, responsibly raised meats like, grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed bison, pastured, soy free pork, pastured and free run chicken, pastured and free run duck, Certified Organic Chicken and grass-fed Elk.

Growing food as it was once grown, and we believe how it should still be grown, without medications, or chemicals and no rushing!  Using biodiversity and fostering multi animal species symbiosis, we get to watch and learn as the land comes alive and reinvigorates the plants, animals and food we grow.  On the Farm, we allow and assist the carbon cycle and soil food web to flourish and increase the farm lands fertility naturally, without synthetic inputs.

Stop in to the Farm Store, or  Shop On-line in our Farm Store, we hope you try our meats!

Anyway we connect, your interest in what we do is appreciated.


 Cindy Boyd