Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a farmer.  Sounds a bit like a confession doesn’t it?

Well, it sort of is. I no longer apologize for my love of excellent quality food, my passion for organic and regenerative farming and the joy I feel being outside all day working with critters. Even if I have poop on me somewhere most days! lol!

Every great story starts with some drama and heart ache, and mine is no different. After teaching ourselves how to farm for 11 years with my husband, as Dragonfly Farm Store, we came to the end of our business and personal relationship.

But from heart break came some clarity and new plans for my future.  While dismantling the life I shared, I started dreaming and planning about my future. I realized I could not give up on my dreams of farming and self-marketing amazing local and organic foods. I knew I did not want to spend time away from animals for long and I knew I could not work for someone else.

When you have poured your heart and soul into something for 11 years and it ends, you don’t feel much like celebrating. But at the same time, I was tired of not celebrating. Farming and food brings me so much joy and delight. I love my job, and the animals, and relationships I built with partner farms and local suppliers and the hard work needed to do what I do.  I love the idea that I am building a life with goals and targets, not just living.

So, celebrate I will! I used that heart ache to re-discover my passion, purpose and joy. My enthusiasm to celebrate life, food and farming and to do it with some style gave birth to Farm Queen Foods. I own my farm and raise pigs, chickens, ducks, goats and turkey and work hard to steadfastly pay my mortgage.

I have become the Queen of my own little empire, a lady farmer, lady boss and all around happy and inspired person living her dream!

And this is where Farm Queen Foods came from.

I hope you like what we have to offer.  It takes a village to grow and raise the amazing foods we sell.  Its not a lonesome business. I am so thankful and respectful of the farmers who allow me to sell their grass-fed, pastured and organic meats, dry goods and produce, along with the food I produce on my farm.

Thank you for standing by me through all the changes and for your continued support! Thank you for buying from us, a collection of like-minded, passionate farmers who choose to grow organically, respectfully and ecologically.

I recently learned, that when you think you have your plan to move in a new direction, life has a way of delivering the best surprises!

After farming alone for 3 years, my partner and his children have moved in to the farm and we are working to get settled in.  Joey and his 3 boys ages 15, 14 and 10 have taken over my home and life!  It is an amazing change and adventure!  We are committed to do the best we can to enjoy each other and provide these wild and crazy boys with way too much energy, a great place to grow up.

I am grateful daily for this next chapter in my life.  In my early 30s I learned that I could not have children, which was a heart break and also a catalyst to push me to change.  I became an organic livestock farmer as a result of looking at how we treat our air, food and water.  I could not in good conscious continue to support livestock farming as it was and is.

So, I became a farmer, a pig farmer to be specific, I raise more pork than any other livestock on this farm, and now there are 3 kids here on a regular basis. WOW!    The coincidence and serendipity of it all, makes my heart melt.  I appreciate and understand the connection we all have to life, each other and the greater scheme of things.

Life is good, so good. We need to stop and look it over once in a while, take out the bullshit and just appreciate the strangeness and beauty of it all.  Thank you for your support and interest in our Farm Life, and the little farm dream we have.

To learn more about how we farm check out HOW WE FARM page for all the details.  By selling direct to customers, establishing my own distribution channels, building my own supply chain with like minded processors, farmers and suppliers; learning to raise BEEF,  PORK,  CHICKEN,  TURKEY,  DUCK, GOAT and  EGGS has been a wonderful adventure.

All of our meat is processed at a few local abattoirs that we are proud to support.  They work very hard to offer custom butchering and they take into consideration our special needs.  We sell by the packaged pound, not the hanging weight of the animal.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us and sharing in our passion.  I was told once that farming is a great life if you don’t weaken!  Well, I am stronger now than I was and I have no intention of give up farming.  I love my farm and family and together we are living this blessed life!

So, from all of us at Farm Queen Foods, please celebrate your life with great food!

All Our Best,

Cindy & Joey & the boys