Grass-fed Lamb

100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Have you ever tasted grass-fed lamb grown in Grey County where the sweet perennial grasses give the lamb a rich, savory flavor and delicate texture? Grass fed lamb tastes like the grass it was grown on. Fresh and a little wild! Buy some on-line when in season from late July to December.

It takes a little longer, and a lot more work to raise 100% grass-fed lamb.  Fed only hay and fresh pasture, grass-fed lamb has a unique flavour, and we do it for their health and happiness, ours, yours and the environment.

grass-fed lamb

100% Grass fed lamb is pastured on grass in the spring, summer and fall and fed hay in the winter. To achieve a great tasting grass-fed lamb is grown using a rotational pasture system.  Grass-fed Lamb farmers grow and plan their lambing cycle around the grass-growing seasons. Which works well for the lambs, because they naturally want to produce off spring in the spring when there is plenty to eat.

Lamb is most desired at Easter, many folks wish to have Easter Lamb. Sorry to say we only have lamb left for Easter if some of the lambs were born late or grow slow over the summer and fall. We have a few breeds that do grow slower.

Lamb is sold at a premium at Easter, so many farmers have changed to reaching the peak season price, causing almost the entire industry to breed their sheep sooner, lamb earlier than normal and feed grains to lambs to fatten them up in time for the Easter Meal.

Thankfully, we do not, and our Partnership farms who grow grass-fed lamb are thankful to have you support their more natural growing practice. A lamb born later in spring, is warmer, heartier and ready to go on pasture just in time to eat the spring flush. Spring Flush occurs in mid to late May and is a result of the pasture grasses waking up and some warm rain.

As I write this page, the warm May drizzle is causing the grass to sprout up, the daffodils to sag a little and the garlic tops to grow. Spring flush grass is a bright limey green and the lambs and sheep kick up their heals when going out on pasture for the first time after a long cold winter. They clamor out of the barn and through the pasture gate to explore the fields and eat the first fresh lime green grass of the season.

Growing slow on pasture takes time and grass fed lambs are older and larger at processing than Easter Lamb. They are around 100 to 110lbs, are lean and the red meat is full of nutrients and good things similar to grass-fed beef, CLA and richer in omega 3’s.

If you haven’t tried grass-fed lamb meat, give a 5 or 10lb Sampler a try or grill up some lamb patties to change up your best Burger recipe, or go for the gold and put some Lamb Loin Chops on a cookie sheet, with salt pepper, olive oil and little Parmesan cheese, pre-heat the oven to 500, put in the chops, shut off the oven and 15 mins, later, you can enjoy some beautiful med-rare grass-fed lamb loin chop!

You can purchase our grass-fed lamb online to be delivered everywhere in Ontario.  A Grass-fed fan?  Check out our grass-fed beef and bison.

Thank you!