Green House 2017

We needed a Greenhouse!  But, we did not have the money in the budget for a new green house due to some unexpected barn and equipment repairs.

Farm Queen Foods greenhouse

Greenhouse in repair

So, as farmers you look around your farm you see what you have, and make the best of what you have.  We had a duck shelter that wasn’t going to be used until late June when the ducks are big enough to be outside.

We tuck the ducks to bed each night in a shelter to protect them from predators. So, until June it sits empty!  NOT ANYMORE!

We also had an abundance of skid wrap, a recyclable plastic used to keep boxes on skids.  We ship the odd skid of meat by refer, but not often.  And when I bought it, the min. order size was 8 rolls. I thought, well, it will likely take 10 years to use it all but if that is the smallest quantity I can order, so be it.

Add the two together and TA-DA!

Inside the green house

Up-cycled greenhouse

We have the best up-cycled green house in three counties!  It has made it safely through 2 thunder storms, an ice storm, blizzard, and many below zero nights.  With just a little heat, on the occasional cold night, we are easily keeping our sprouts warm and safe.  Our Growing season has just been extended by 7 weeks and we could not be happier.

Our Incubator Farmers did the majority of the work to get everything wrapped and strapped down, and we could not be happier with the end results.

Check it out when you stop in.  We are thrilled with how well it is actually working.  Desperation is the key to innovation, and inspiration.