1. Thaw your Dragonfly Grass Fed Steaks in the fridge, but put the steaks on the counter for a half hour to reach room temperature before grilling.

Grass-fed beef

2. Pre-Heat your grill – Hot Grill 350 or 400 is good.

3. Don’t put SALT on the Steak before or while cooking, add it after. It dries out the meat. Marinades over take the flavour of the meat, I never use it on a grilling Steak.

Best grilling steaks, in order of yumminess are;


Rib or Ribeye

Sirloin or Sirloin Tip

Sirloin Tri-Tip

Bavette or Flank (Cut against the grain)

Striploin (New York)

Tenderloin Medallions (tender but less flavour)

4. Don’t grill the steak to your desired doneness.  If you like Medium Well, only grill the steak to Medium. If you like Medium, only grill the steaks to Medium Rare.

5. Take the Steak off the Grill, put it on a plate, cover it with tin foil or a lid then a tea towel to hold in the heat.  Let it rest for 5 minutes to finish cooking. A Medium Steak, will finish to Medium Well.  A Medium Rare Steak, will finish to Medium and Etc.

6. Add salt, and enjoy. It will be tender and juicy and full of flavour.  (some roasted onions and mushrooms are a nice add on too!)