Tex Mex Chipotle Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

A great sandwich that will fill you up like a whole meal!

Thaw a package or two of Dragonfly Garden Farm’s Minute Steaks. These are thin steaks that have been put through a manual tenderizer.

We’ll want to bread them so get a dry bowl and wet bowl situation happening. This works for anything you bread, and I learned it while working as a cook to pay my way through college.

In the dry bowl, put in some wheat free all purpose flour, wheat free bread crumbs, chipotle spice, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper to taste. If you like it hot, use a lot, not so much heat, add in just a little less.

In the wet bowl, beat two eggs, add in a little milk and beat again. Put the Minute steaks in this mixture to soak. Milk acts as a tenderizer and will loosen up the grain of the beef.

While it is sitting in the milk and egg bath, get the deep fryer hot, or a put some oil a big pot and heat it up. I use a combination of peanut and sunflower oils as neither are genetically modified yet!  A safer choice, get organic if you can, then you can be sure they are NOT GMO’d.

While the oil is heating, keep an eye on it, while you clean some lettuce, slice some sharp cheddar cheese and some fresh tomato. Mix up a little Mayo, horseradish, a lot of minced garlic and chipotle spice into a sauce for your sandwich.  This is the BEST part!

I use wheat free hamburger buns, but if you can eat wheat, use whatever you like! But they are nice slightly toasted, so pop then in the oven for a few minutes, melt the sharp cheddar cheese on if you like!

Once the oil is ready, you can bread your steak and fry it up in the oil.  So, go back to your wet bowl and dry bowl situation, apply the same logic with your hands, one wet and one dry. The wet hand should always go in the wet bowl, the dry hand into the dry bowl ONLY!  This will avoid a huge mess and you won’t have that large clump of breading on your hands that takes 4 days to get out from under your fingernails!

Fry the breaded Minute steak until it floats; be sure to flip it over so both sides brown up. Take it out, dry off the fat and assemble your sandwich.

Starting at the bottom, I do bun, cheese, sauce, chicken fried minute steak, tomato, salt & pepper, lettuce, sauce bun.  Dig in, it is spicy and yummy and a whole meal in itself!  ….But this spicy Mayo is a great for dipping homemade sweet potato fries, the oil is already hot, why not?

Good Luck and Take Care,