Fernheit & CelsiusFrozen Meat Delivery NOTES:

Our products can be shipped to ANYWHERE in Ontario.

We cannot ship out of Province or Country due to Federal Regulation.

All Frozen Meat is delivered by Temperature Controlled Transport, which means your meat stays frozen, at Public Health’s recommended SAFE FOOD Transport Temperature.

Depending upon your location in Ontario, delivery to your home will take place on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

You need to be home to receive the shipment, your signature is required.

Please ensure you unpack your order and place it in a freezer set to minus 18 C or colder as soon as you receive it.  If necessary, it can be stored in a cooler for a short period of time, the cooler type will determine how long.  

Food Safety Regulations indicate that pathogens (bacteria) do NOT reproduce at minus 18 degrees Celsius, and recommend that all frozen raw meats be stored at this temperature.

Our freezers are set to maintain a temperature of minus 20 to minus 24C.

Your frozen meat order will be shipped at this temperature range to assure your food is safe and at its best quality when you receive it.  Please enjoy the best quality of meats we have to offer.