CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs

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CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs
CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs
CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs
CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs
CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs

CSA - Monthly Meat Delivery 30Lbs

30lbs SAMPLER of our well raised, quality PASTURED PORK!

Choose any cuts from a variety of pastured, organically fed, heritage, well-raised soy free pork, Certified Organic Chicken and 100% Grass-fed Beef.

Each Month your order Contains;
5lbs Certified Organic Chicken
15Lbs - 100% Grass-fed Beef
10Lbs - Pastured, Organic Fed, Soy Free Pork

YOU CHOOSE the cuts each month and we will pack your order and ship it via refrigerated service to anywhere in Ontario.

Delivery is $45.00 and arrives at your Home. You need to be there to sign for and receive your order.

Check out our website for more details, all cuts are GMO, Filler & Gluten Free.

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What is a CSA?
CSA = Community Supported Agriculture
CSA is an alternative model of agriculture and food distribution focused on locally grown, respectfully raised food. When you sign up for our CSA, you have pledged to support our farm, or subscribed to receive a monthly food package as outlined in the CSA Price Lists containing the food we produce, as documented on our Website.

The CSA Membership is a partnership between you, our respected local membership community, and Cindy Boyd, the farmer. The CSA Program promotes mutual benefits; as farmers we can better plan production and inventories, and you receive a constant supply of respectfully and well raised meats delivered each month from June to November.

As alternative farmers, we focus on connecting people to the land, to how food is grown while respecting our shared environment. We farm purposefully outside of the Quota System or Supply Chain Management Models, which require animal confinement, medications, and to us, unsavory farming practices.

Frozen Meat Delivery NOTE All MEAT IS FROZEN and delivered by Temperature Controlled Transport, which means your meat stays frozen, at Public Health?s recommended SAFE FOOD Transport Temperature. Our Delivery Service is HACCP Certified, ensuring safe temperature storage and travel for your order from the moment you order leaves our Farm. Depending upon your location in Ontario, deliver to your home will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Your signature is required to receive your delivery. Please ensure you unpack your order and place it in a freezer set to minus 18 C or Colder. Food Safety regulations indicate that pathogens (bacteria) do NOT reproduce at minus 18 degrees Celsius, and recommend that all frozen raw meats be stored at this temperature. Our freezers are set, monitored and inspected to maintain a temperature of minus 18 to minus 24C. Your frozen meat order will be shipped in this temperature range to assure your food is safe and at its best quality. Our products can be shipped to ANYWHERE in Ontario. We cannot ship out of Province or Country due to Federal Regulation.
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