Celebrate your love of local food

100% Grass-fed, Pastured and Certified Organic Meats & More!

Build your own organic meat Sampler
Build Your Own Sampler & SIDES
Grass-fed Beef, Lamb & Bison
100% Grass-fed Beef, Lamb & Bison
Pastured, Soy Free Pork
Pastured, Soy Free Pork
Certified Organic Chicken
Certified Organic Chicken
WILD CAUGHT Seafood & Seasonal Meats
SEAFOOD & Seasonal Meats

Located on Highway 6, just 2 kms SOUTH of Chatsworth, Ontario.  Happily farming and supplying Ontario with LOCAL Food, including Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Organic Fed Pork, Organic Chicken, Pastured Chicken & MORE! 

Regenerative farming is my passion and purpose in life. Living on a farm, raising animals and farming the land has inspired me each day to learn new skills and live my life differently.  It has inspired confidence and self esteem that I did not have when I choose to become a farmer in 2006.   

It has taught me that each day is a celebration, each meal a blessing and great local food to celebrate with; the icing on the cake!  (Mmmm Cake) 

At my Farm Store, On-line, and at some local food stores, you will find an amazing selection of LOCAL Grass-fed, Pastured and Certified Organic Meats, dry goods and produce. 

New items arrive seasonally! 

Stop in at the Farm Store or place your order on-line and Celebrate your love of LOCAL food too!  

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