Pastured Organic Fed Soy Free Pork

Perfect Pastured Pork!

Pigs love to be outside, and enjoy the dirt, mud and grass. They root, and dig in the soil and by the end of summer, you have a newly tilled field thanks to our curly tailed friends.

What do they eat? Outside, whatever they want!  We feed our Pastured Pork organically grown and certified organic soy free feed.

Pigs are Omnivores;

“An omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals for their main food. Pigs are omnivores, so they would be just as happy eating an apple, or the worm inside the apple.”

The pigs are pastured raised, and soy free, however, during the winter season, the pigs are in the barn and fed organic feed, along with some hay.

 pastured pork at nap time  Pastured pigs  Pastured Pork in a Puddle

Cuts & Samplers (including Summer Sausage)

You can purchase individual pastured pork cuts, samplers and sides.  You can also have a whole, half or quarter animal custom cut.  Various cuts of pork like bacon, breakfast sausage patties, black forest ham, farmer sausage, pork sausage, summer sausage, ham steak, pork loin chops, ground pork, spare ribs, and many more.

pork sausage

We sell by the Packaged Weight NOT Dressed or Hanging WeightWhen you purchase 100 pounds of pastured pork, you receive 100 pounds of pastured pork.  We sell by the packaged weight, the weight is on each package, weighed and labeled by the Butcher.

All pork cuts are available as part of our Farm Share or Fall Family CSA.

Send us an email for more details on the Farm Share CSA or Fall Family CSA!

We focus on honouring the whole animal and offer a variety of cuts that utilize as much of the pig as possible.  If you purchase of a half or quarter pastured pig, we hope that our packaging and custom processing allows you to receive a variety of cuts you prefer, while utilizing all that the animal produces.

A Provincial Meat Inspector has inspected all meat we sell.  The label on each package contains vital information like the processing date, weight, processors name, meat inspection number and the cut of meat contained in the package.

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